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Socium Development Company

Plastic Waste Management

Full scale waste separation & processing operations  

Plastic Waste to Fuel

Using pyrolysis technologies to convert waste plastics into Advanced Biofuel

Project Development and Financing

Providing project financing and creating investment opportunities


About Us

Socium Development is an International Energy and Environmental Development Company, established in Thailand and in The Netherlands, with its Head Office located in Bangkok.  

Socium Development coordinates, develops and finances environmentally friendly and ecologically important businesses and projects. Its objective is to build value chains by creating partnerships with various business-, technical-, financial- and governmental operators / institutions around the world. 



Year Established

+2M kilos

Amount of waste plastic to be removed from environment within 2020. 


Projects to be launched within 2020

+1M litres

Amount of oil to be generated from waste plastic within 2020. 


Next Project Launch



Projected Architectural Designs (3D)




    Chief Operating Officer

    An Engineer, Manager and an Entrepreneur.


    Has a strong background in Research & Development of pharmaceutical drugs as a Chemical Engineer and in the Development of Non-Solid Preparations as a Technology Engineer.

    Moved from science to corporate management, where has served for years in a variety of key management positions as well as becoming an entrepreneur.

    With Socium Development, as the Chief Operating Officer, André and his team are responsible for the progress of all worldwide operations. 


    Project Coordinator

    Introduction to be added soon.


    Chief Executive Officer

    A serial entrepreneur, investor and a Director of several international companies. 

    Jussi has a strong background in a variety of business sectors, including real estate,

    hospitality, finance- and the transport industry.

    He has been active for years in the energy field, in particular the green- and alternative energy market, investing and developing a number of cutting-edge innovative energy projects.

    With Socium Development, his key areas are strategy setting and business development. 


    Chief Financial Officer

    An Engineer holding years of experience in finance and law, with a specific focus on Corporate Law- and the Foreign Business Act in Thailand.

    As the CFO of Socium Development, Karet oversees the accounting, business support, financial planning and analysis, treasury, internal audit and tax functions of the Company, 

    Alongside with his daily duties, Karet also plays a key role in business development and forming business partnerships for Socium Development across Asia. 


    General Manager, Europe

    Mechanical Engineer, Manager,  former Cavalry Officer with tours served in Pakistan and  Afghanistan and an Entrepreneur.

    After serving in the military for more than a decade, he now utilizes military knowledge and experience in leadership, command and control, crisis management and training to improve business performance.

    With Socium Development, Onno heads the Company's European Branch and all regional operations.


    Project Manager

    Introduction to be added soon.


    Director, Project Development

    A Developer, Builder and a Contractor with over 30 years of experience in construction industry and a business track record of hundreds of completed housing and commercial properties in Thailand.

    Educated in the United States, Somyos (Sunny) has been for years a major operator in the real estate market in Thailand. 

    With Socium Development, Sunny oversees the construction and development of all Project Sites and Facilities, together with his international team of architects, designers and engineers.


Regional Coordinators

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Corporate Head Office

Socium Development Company Limited 

Sukhumvit Soi 36, 85 Napha Sap Soi 5, Watthana. 10110 Bangkok, Thailand

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